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 wish Members of the Space Technology Cluster.

PCI's Deeptech Accelerator takes off

Up to PLN 400 thousand in funding for young startups! The project is implemented with funds from the European Funds for Modern Economy program. On March 13, an informational meeting was held at the PCI headquarters.

Extremo Tech among NCBR-NAP winners

The National Center for Research and Development has selected 10 companies to participate in accelerators in Nevada and California. Now the opportunity has opened up for them to make their mark on the US and global markets.



SMW Legal webinar on R&D tax credits

Kamil Stolarski answered the questions: Is it worth implementing tax credits? What tax credits can R&D entities benefit from? What data should be collected to know if one is eligible for tax credits? Where to start in the process of implementing tax credits? 

RARR inaugurated the Start in... project

The project aims to support innovative ventures and the development of entrepreneurship in the macro-region of Eastern Poland. The inaugural conference was held on February 28 at the Aeropolis Science and Technology Park in Jasionka.

Work on Polish space law will resume

The Space Technology Cluster has representatives in the working group on the Space Activities Law. We are pleased that the work is to be resumed.



PIAP Space in ESA's ARGONAUT mission

PIAPSpace will develop a prototype (breadboard) of a robotic arm for the European Space Agency - ESA's lunar delivery mission ARGONAUT. The name of the mission is also the name of a versatile lunar lander.

Cluster at SATSDIFACTION workshop

Co-fund by the Interreg EU programme, SATSDIFACTION project aims at promoting evidence-based governance by using satellite data in local and regional spatial data infrastructures. The Cluster was represented by Noemi Zabari, CEO of Astroteq.

Cluster Members at GSTC 2024.

The Global Space Technology Convention event (February 15-18) in Singapore was attended by Creotech Instruments and KP Labs. Michal Zachara (KP Labs) take a part in the panel "Edge Computing in Space Missions". We wish you successful space deals. 



Welcome New Cluster Members

Wardynski & Partners has experience in various types of legal proceedings in the space sector. PREVAC is a world leader in the design and manufacture of scientific and research equipment for science and industry.

Thorium expands partnership with Sivers Semiconductors

Under the second phase of the $2.9 million contract, the companies will focus on joint development and validation of chipsets designed in the initial phase of the collaboration.

Scanway telescope after successful tests

Scanway telescope has passed functional tests. Scanway provides the EagleEye project with the largest fully designed and constructed Earth observation telescope in Poland to date, with unique technical parameters



Creotech with satellite contract

Creotech Instruments has signed a €400,000 contract with OHB System AG to prepare a satellite based on the HyperSat platform. Creotech is part of an international consortium led by OHB that will carry out the mission for the European Space Agency (ESA).

Funding for SUBCOM Project

Consortium Thorium Space and Łukasiewicz - Aerospace Institute received funding from the NCBR, under the Fast Track Phased Projects program for the SUBCOM project - an innovative communications system for space and rocket applications.

Ka-band satcom terminal launched

The GISS ManPack Cobalt terminal, developed and built in Poland, offers an innovative, portable and fully modular VSAT system to provide flexibility and reliability in the most demanding applications i.e. military mobility, crisis response and disaster relief.



General Meeting of KTK Members

Space Technology Cluster General Membership Meeting 15.12.2023 behind us. KTK Members confirmed that the directions taken are the right ones. We have equally dynamic plans for 2024. We are not slowing down.


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