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3W Congress. Find out more

The 3rd ed. of the 3W Congress will bring together specialists in the fields of water, hydrogen, and  carbon technologies, becoming one of the most important events for innovators in this part UE.

Idea 3W and Cluster signed MoU

The cooperation will consist in supporting innovative R&D projects and actively working to create a favorable business environment for companies in the space sector in Poland.

Polish experiments on the ISS

Among the selected experiments there are also experiments from the Space Cluster members: KP Labs, Extremo Technologies and Astronika. Find out more about 18 experiments and what will be tested.



Welcome to Life and Space Conference 2023

We are pleased to invite you to extraordinary event - the 3rd edition of the Life and Space Conference organized by the Polish Astrobiology Society, the member of the Space Technology Cluster.

New Rocket and Satellite Propulsion Center

The goal of the Rocket and Satellite Propulsion Laboratory Center is to develop, qualify and test the latest technologies related to rocket propulsion, satellites and other aspects of space technology.

Aerospace Institute in ESA rocket project

The goal of the project is to develop and test an aerospike nozzle rocket motor demonstrator for planetary lander applications, powered by liquid oxygen and liquid methane, with a 5-6kN thrust.



Second test flight of Polish Perun rocket

SpaceForest Perun suborbital rocket launch was carried out from the Central Air Force training ground in Ustka. This time the system reached an altitude of 12 km above the Earth's surface.

Cluster at the establish the Central Hydrogen Valley

The Laszczynski Brothers Central Hydrogen Valley was ceremoniously established in Kielce. Among the assumptions is the production of green energy from wind and solar farms and hydrogen electrolyzers.

Scanway went public

The NewConnect listing saw the issue of almost 1.3 million shares. An initial public offering (IPO) took place in June 2023, raising PLN 9 million from investors.



The "SpaceShip" Foundation joins the Space Cluster

The "SpaceShip" Foundation focuses on space and robotics education. In cooperation with partners runs an interdisciplinary educational program about space - "Cosmic Challenge".

NASA Space Apps Challenge Rzeszów Winners selected!

For 2 days, almost 100 participants created innovative projects in response to the challenges set by NASA. The jury selected the authors of the most interesting solutions from among 26 teams.

"Poland in the orbit of success" - interview for Idea 3W

It is not the giants of the aviation industry, as is the case in other countries, but small and medium-sized enterprises that are the foundation of the space sector in our country.



Space Technology Cluster Members at IAC 2023

Representatives of the Space Technology Cluster, among others: Scanway, Łukasiewicz - ILOT, Extremo Technologies, Liftero and EXATEL took part in the conference in IAC 2023 in Baku.

Space Cluster on Świętokrzyskie Development Congress 2023

The Space Technology Cluster took part in the Panel on cooperation between science and business in the Świętokrzyskie region.

Our Members with incubation contracts

AstroTeq, Extremo Technologies and Liftero, as part of the incubation, receives incentive up to 💰 50,000 EUR and business, technological and legal support (140 hours in total).



We patronize the NASA Space Apps Stalowa Wola

This marathon of creativity is aimed at makers, artists, programmers, scientists, designers, storytellers, builders, technologists, innovators - all open minds who want to create and develop their projects!

We patronize the NASA Space Apps Rzeszów

It's a marathon of design, creativity and innovation! For two days you will have access to a huge database, tools and mentors to help you bring your ideas to life!

Quantum hardware random number generator from WAT

This is an amazing result of work under a project carried out by the Military University of Technology in Warsaw (leader) in consortium with Teldat and NASK.



KP Labs among the Innovation Challenge Finalists 2022

KP Labs was selected as one of seven companies from around the world in the Innovation Challenge Finalists 2022. Their vision of harnessing the potential of the global network was recognized.

HAASTA aircraft on International Defense Industry Exhibition

"After detecting circulating ammunition or any other threat, it cans cheaply shoot down the enemy. It can look like a large combat aircraft. In enemy detection systems, it can cause a bit of chaos".

KP Labs one of the Winners of the 23' ESA Rising Star Award

"The selection criteria were based on the credibility of the business plan, the leverage and socio-economic impact of the activity funded by ESA, and the alignment with ESA’s strategic objectives".



N7 Space and ITTI with contract for ESO

"Warsaw-based N7 Space and Poznan-based ITTI – have begun cooperation on software development for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) built in Chile by the European Southern Observatory".

Creotech in the creation of EU troops space infrastructure

Creotech Instruments is a consortium member of the REACTS project. The goal of this project is to prepare a European system to ensure the launch of new satellites in orbit in less than 72h after an emergency.

We open the space: openSPACE repository

"The goal of the openSPACE Project is to digitally share high-value information resources on Earth and space observations and space. The result of the project will provide access to the resources of science".


Zortrax sees money in the sky

"4D printing can significantly contribute to the space sector, and another project for the ESA brings the listed printer manufacturer closer to bigger deals." Read more in Puls Biznesu.

Poles will help Swedes conquer space

"The role of Polish space technologies in the international arena is growing. This is confirmed by the contract of the Thorium Space with Sivers Semiconductors." Read more in Puls Biznesu.

Poland and Singapore partners in space

"The Space Technology Cluster and Singapore Space & Technology Ltd signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation. The event took place at the Global Space and Technology Convenction."
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